"Thank you for an amazing semester. You probably already know this but I have made a lot of friends and learned a lot of things. I love being a part of the BAYCs" (member of Senior choir)

"Thank you for the fun 3 days at Summer Camp that you provided me with. It was so much fun" 

"I wasn't even sure I wanted to come to my first rehearsal but now BAYC is like my second family" (member of Junior Choir) 

"Becs has such a natural way of teaching and guiding.  She builds people's confidence and shows such good humour and patience. She brings an extra dimension to our rehearsals that others can't"

"Emma's enthusiasm and encouragement are infectious and inspiring, and she makes sessions fun whilst giving clear instructions and directions. Her amazing conducting skills and musicality bring out the best from the choir, and she shows endless patience" 


"Can I  just say what a wonderful job you're doing and pass on a big thank you.  Apart from the joy my son is getting from being a part of the choir, everything you've done and are doing is fantastic"


"Thank you for all you do. 

The girls love the choir!"

"Both my children have loved it and all the children looked really happy during the show. They have learned loads in such a short space of time. Well done and thanks again"

"You guys are great, I love the way you are striving to do everything so well. My son is really enjoying the choir, it’s all great" 

"Thank you for such an amazing choir. Seeing my boy so happy and comfortable and having the time of his life...you guys have worked wonders with him and I am so thankful"

"I've been really touched to hear my daughter talking about how the kids are getting to know each other

and supporting each other"

"So, so good. Absolutely amazing. I forgot my tissues! Thank you for giving her the opportunity"


"Your communication is great, your enthusiasm evident, and you're all so friendly and helpful"

"What a set of superstars. Becs and Emma, you are just amazing with them"

"They are loving the choir. It's a really lovely atmosphere and they've made some great friends"

"It's been joyful watching the shy children getting more and more confident week by week. It's a great way to spend a Monday evening, listening to beautiful music and songs"

"I am loving watching friendships developing and confidence growing. And the sound gets better each week!"

"What a wonderful group of teachers, helpers and kids.  They were a pleasure, and having the BAYC staff there made the whole afternoon just so easy and smooth. You can have me back any time!" (Shane Durrant, Singer and Vocal Coach)

"I originally offered to volunteer at Junior Choir, but after staying for Senior Choir the first week, I am a regular volunteer for that too. It's a pleasure to hear such wonderful, talented singers every week"

"Sitting in on rehearsals gives me a warm feeling and makes me feel really proud of them all"

"Such a lovely group of young musicians! It was a pleasure working with them" (Jacob Arundale, Drummer and Percussion Coach)

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