Sing With Us!  We welcome all children and young people who:

  • are 6-26 years old

  • live in any part of the Bradford or Keighley districts

  • love to sing and can sing in tune

  • are committed and enthusiastic

  • are keen to develop their singing ability and teamwork skills

It is not essential for singers to have any formal experience or know how to sing 'well'. If you have basic ability to sing in tune,  the right attitude and the potential to learn, then the rest can, and will, be taught! 

Rehearsals: Energy, fun, and the highest standards of tuition

 We rehearse on Monday evenings in Cottingley. 

  •  Junior choir (6-10 year olds)  5:20pm - 6:20pm

  •  Senior Choir (11-15 year olds)  6:40pm - 7:40pm

  • Advanced Choir (16-26 year olds)  8:00pm - 9:00pm 


We follow the Bradford school calendar and there are no rehearsals during school holidays.

For dates of rehearsals, concerts and other events, please see our Calendar page. 

Fees: Always as low as possible 

  • Current rehearsal fees are £30 per half-term 

  • There are at least 36 rehearsals per academic year

  • This equates to no more than £5 per rehearsal

  • The £10 joining fee includes a free BAYC t-shirt

Free Trial: Come and see what BAYC is all about

  • Your chance to meet us, and our chance to meet you! Just register, then come along to a rehearsal, join in and get to know us.   

  • Nobody is asked to sing on their own and the focus is on enjoyment.

  • It's fun, relaxed and friendly, and we want everyone to have a great time.

  • If BAYC is right for you, we'll email you afterwards with information on how to join as a regular member.  

We are working slightly differently at the moment, to ensure we meet Covid-secure guidelines.  We are excited that this has given us the opportunity to develop musicianship beyond singing: you can join us for bucket drumming, beatboxing, boomwhackers, body percussion, and more. We are operating a hybrid format of rehearsals: some are in-person, others are delivered online.  The best way to get a feel for our new style rehearsals is to register and give it a try! 

If you are interested in joining BAYC, just complete the Registration Form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible and invite you / your child to the next available rehearsal. 
If you have any questions about completing the form or the application process,
please use the 'Contact Us' button or email us at 

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 SECTION B (for singers aged 16-24 applying to join Advanced Choir) 

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Please give the full name and phone number of a next-of-kin / responsible adult who may be contacted in case of emergency.

 Additional Information: 

Please use this space to tell us any further relevant information - for example, any singing experience (remember please that experience is NOT essential) and any medical conditions / disabilities / allergies of which you feel we should be aware. 

 Please tell us how you heard about BAYC? 

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Registration Form:
There is no obligation at this stage. On receipt of your completed form, we will process your application and invite you / your child to a rehearsal. Please keep an eye on your junk emails, as our replies sometimes end up there!
Please complete Section A if you are applying for a child aged 6-16 who is applying to join Junior or Senior Choir, OR complete Section B if you are a 16-24 year old applying to join Advanced Choir. Don't forget to click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page
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 SECTION A (for children aged 6-16 years) 
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